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Fruit Juices and Smoothies: Are They Bad for Our Teeth?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just sugar that damages our teeth, but acid, too. Acid is usually found in frizzy drinks such as sodas, and wines. However, another source of acid would be… fruit juices. Yes, you read it correctly. Though fruit juices are healthy for the body, they might not be too healthy for our teeth. Fruit juice contains co ...

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Important Dental Care Tips for Seniors

For those reaching their golden years additional worries about their health are nothing new.  Advancing age makes the body more susceptible to injuries, complications, and disease.  In addition health issues that build over time often come to a head in later years further complicating a senior’s medical situation.  Dental health is no ...

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5 Common Cavity Myths

Cavities might be a routine problem that dental professionals resolve every day, but that doesn’t means that that the general public hasn’t developed a misunderstanding on the ways in which cavities can occur. There are a number of myths around how to avoid cavities. And these myths often harm patients and prevent them from truly understanding ...

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