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Canadian Dental Care Plan at
Pickering Square Dental


What is the Canadian Dental Care Plan?

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a government-funded program aimed at assisting eligible Canadian residents with dental care.

  • Age Requirement: Seniors aged 65 and older. Children under 18. People 18 – 64 with a Disability Tax Credit.

  • Income Requirement: Households with an annual income of less than $90,000.

  • Dental Coverage: Individuals who do not have access to any other dental benefits.

Under the CDCP, a variety of dental services are covered to ensure comprehensive care for eligible seniors. These services include:

  • Dental Cleanings: Routine cleanings to maintain oral hygiene.

  • Examinations: Regular check-ups to monitor dental health.

  • Fillings: Treatment for cavities and tooth decay.

  • X-rays: Diagnostic imaging to identify dental issues.

  • Root Canals: Procedures to treat infections and save teeth.

  • Extractions: Removal of damaged or problematic teeth.

  • Dentures: Provision of dentures for those who need them.

  • Preventive Services: Sealants, fluoride treatments, and more.

At Pickering Square Dental, we understand the importance of accessible dental care for seniors. By participating in the Canadian Dental Care Plan, we strive to:

  • Reduce Financial Barriers: Offering affordable dental care to eligible Canadian residents.

  • Promote Oral Health: Ensuring that our patients receive the preventive and restorative care they need.

  • Support Community Health: Contributing to the overall health and well-being of our community.

Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process and provide the highest level of care. If you have any questions about the Canadian Dental Care Plan or need assistance with the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How To Apply

Applying for the Canadian Dental Care Plan is straightforward. The CRA My Account is the quickest, easiest and most secure way to apply for the CDB.

Go to for more information. If you’re unable to apply online, call the CRA at 1-800-715-8836.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule an appointment under the Canadian Dental Care Plan, please contact Pickering Square Dental today. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain optimal dental health.

Introducing the

Canadian Dental Care Plan


Are you 65 or older, under 18 or 18 – 64 with a Disability Tax Credit? Pickering Square Dental now offers services under the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), a federal initiative providing essential dental care for eligible Canadian residents. Services include cleanings, exams, fillings, and more.


For more information contact us. Your smile is our priority!