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Root Canal Therapy Pickering

Root Canal Therapy

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy, also known as Endodontics is the treatment of the nerve or the pulp of the tooth. It is dictated when the root or surrounding bone is infected. Cleaning and disinfecting inside of the tooth and its root results in 98% success. The treatment can often be completed in 1 single appointment.

Modern technology has made root canal treatment painless, fast and successful.

We offer root canal treatment at our dental clinic in Whitby, Ajax, Scarborough and Pickering. If you’ve got any questions about the root canal treatment or anything else that concerns you, we are happy to answer them.

Root canals in Pickering are procedures designed to take out the soft inside of the tooth which is called a pulp when it becomes infected. This pulp is made up of blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves that help teeth to grow.

The outside of your tooth called the crown can remain intact even when the pulp inside has died. Removing dead pulp usually preserves the structure of your tooth. There are several benefits to preserving and saving a natural tooth like efficient chewing and a natural appearance.

Why You Might Need Root Canal Therapy

There are some common reasons this therapy needs to be performed. Having several dental procedures carried out on the same tooth can make a root canal necessary. The procedure is used quite often when the tooth is chipped or cracked. An untreated cavity can also make a root canal essential.

Patients are generally given anesthesia so the process isn’t any more painful than having a filling or a wisdom tooth taken out. You can be a little numb or sore for a few days afterwards.

After the tooth has been numbed, a small opening is made at the top to expose the damaged pulp. Special tools are used to remove it. A temporary filling is placed over the tooth once the canal has been cleaned out.

There are several symptoms that can tell you if you need root canal treatment. These include pain while biting or chewing and pimples that appear on your gums. If a particular tooth is sensitive to hot or cold foods and liquids, you might need one of these treatments.

The numbness after this procedure usually lasts for about 2 to 4 hours. It’s best to wait until that is completely gone before you eat or drink. However, you can return to work or school right away.

Pickering Root Canal Therapy

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