Laser Dentistry

The benefits of laser dentistry

The benefits of laser dentistry

Many dental procedures require anaesthesia, several instruments and sometimes include painful recovery periods.

But since the advent of laser dentistry, this less invasive and more precise technique means that for several procedures, the use of anaesthesia and instruments like drills have become unnecessary.

Lasers use a narrow, concentrated light energy that can be easily controlled allowing for exceptional precision in dental treatments. Since it was approved in 1990, dentists have used lasers in a variety of soft tissue therapies.

Laser treatment can be used to easily remove soft tissue growths and has proven to remove inflamed gum tissues and reduce the amount of bacteria in gum pockets, making laser use ideal for treating periodontal disease.

There are so many benefits laser therapies can offer, such as removing decay from a cavity to help prepare it for the new filling. Since the laser cannot be detected by the nervous system, the pain once associated with soft tissue dental procedures is greatly minimized or eliminated completely.

Because lasers seal blood vessels and nerve ends, there is little or no bleeding and significantly less swelling during dental surgery. Also, the intense energy of the laser beam sterilizes the area being treated, which greatly reduces the chance of bacterial infection from occurring.

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive technique that is not only useful in a wide range of procedures, but is also an affordable option that offers high levels of accuracy and causes less damage to surrounding tissues, resulting in less post-operative pain and faster recovery periods.

Pickering Square Dental is one of the few dental offices in Pickering qualified to offer this safe, effective procedure. Give them a call today at 905-420-1777 or visit to find what laser dentistry can do for you.
Making the most of your insurance coverage!

While New Years Day signifies a brand new beginning and the start of a new year, it also means the end of the previous year?s dental insurance benefits.

If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, you should be aware that most plans renew on an annual basis every January 1. This means that benefits not used in a calendar year cannot be carried forward into the next year. They are lost forever!

This is an important fact to consider, especially if you are contemplating your family?s treatment needs. If this is your situation getting treatment started before the end of the year will help in making the most of your dental benefits dollars.

Insurance plans can be confusing and can vary depending on the carrier. If you are uncertain how to maximize your dental coverage and don?t want to be left with unused benefits at the end of the year, the team at Pickering Square Dental would be happy to help you navigate your plan and answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are overdue for a check up or want to whiten your teeth so you can dazzle friends and family with your bright smile, it?s best to use your benefits before they are gone forever. Call and make an appointment with your dentist to see how you can improve your smile before the festivities begin.

Happy Holidays, Season?s Greetings and best wishes for a healthy, happy and safe 2012 from Dr. Marvin Lean and the team at Pickering Square Dental.

If you have any questions or anything that our team can help you with call 905-420-1777 or visit for more information.

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