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As the holidays come near, we all look forward to the first few snowfalls as they truly can make things appear more beautiful. However, we also have to admit that when the cold settles in and we have to carefully walk on treacherous ice whenever we leave the house, it really is challenging. It can even be dangerous, especially for our teeth.

The colder months may cause serious problems to one’s oral health. You may not know it, but the fact is, injuries that are dental-related are more prevalent during this time of year. While we do not want to keep you from having fun with your family and friends, we do want you to be extra careful and of course, ready in case you encounter any dental emergencies.

If you live in Whitby Ontario, you probably already know who to call for any dental emergencies – Pickering Square Dental. We are known to have excellent dental professionals who are not only updated with the most current dental innovations and advanced techniques, but are also top notch when it comes to putting anxious patients, (both young and old) at ease. These are important factors to consider when choosing a dental office to call and run to in case of a broken or chipped tooth.

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Here are some common dental emergencies and what you should do:

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, you should rinse your mouth with warm water. Then if there are signs of swelling, apply a cold compress. Keep any pieces of the chipped tooth so you can bring them when you visit Pickering Square Dental.

If what you have is a completely knocked-out tooth, then it is important that you keep the tooth moist at all times. If you cannot put it back into its socket, you can try to keep it between your cheeks or gums. If this sounds weird or difficult to you, you can just place the tooth in a container with milk. You should not waste time and immediately contact your dentist and inform him of the situation.

Dental emergencies are not the kind of thing you would want to DIY. Most of the time, in our attempt to fix the situation, we end up doing more harm. So before you harbour any infections and cause permanent damage to your oral health, just call your dentist to help you.

Of course you should not just visit your dentist every time there is an emergency. The key to keeping your teeth strong and healthy is by observing proper preventative care, too. We, at Pickering Square Dental offer all our patients an array of dental services that they can benefit from.

Some of these services include aesthetic dentistry like tooth whitening, white fillings, veneers, crowns, and implants among many others. Our patients find that these services have easily brought back their smiles that they thought were gone forever.

Out patients from Whitby, Ontario and all its neighbouring areas also know that we have the best sedation solutions for those who suffer from dental anxieties. We have oral and IV sedations, “Sleepy Juice” for children, nitrous oxide, topical and local anaesthesia, and general anaesthesia. You can always let us know which one you think suits you best. More than those sedation techniques though, we strive to bring comfort and happiness to all our patients from the moment they step into our office.

We value or patients’ oral health as if they were our own. That’s why we remind all of you to please take extra care of your teeth these coming months, try to eat healthy despite the abundance of sweets and avoid physical activities that may lead you to a broken or chipped tooth.

If you have a dental emergency, or just looking for a new dentist to take care of your teeth, give us a call at Pickering Square Dental and we’ll be very glad to assist you!

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