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Scarborough Emergency Dental Services

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The Best Emergency Dental Services In Scarborough For Your Family

Children are playful by nature, and sometimes due to that playfulness they get into small accidents that can’t be avoided. As parents we do know how to deal with scrapes and bruises. But a chipped tooth? That’s an entirely different story.

Convincing your child to visit a dental office even for an emergency is quite a challenge. It becomes even more difficult if he or she has had a bad experience with one before. But everyone knows you can’t skip visits to the dentist when they have possibly damaged their tooth or you may have problems later on that could be hard to fix or become irreversible. It is important that your child’s chipped or broken tooth is seen by a dentist as early as possible. The question is – how will you do it?

The child’s comfort in a dental office and his or her confidence in the dentist are big factors in making your little one relax for a dental procedure. The key is to find a dentist who is not only really good at his or her job but also has the ability and more importantly, the patience, to put your child at ease.

Having easy access to the best dental services for kids in Ontario is one of the benefits of living in Scarborough, Ontario. Pickering Square Dental understands how you want the best emergency dental care and overall oral health care available for your child. That is why we offer a complete range of services to cater to the needs of your family’s youngest member.

Aside from emergency dental care, for our family dentistry services, we offer biannual cleanings and checkups that come with oral cancer screening. We will also check for signs of abscesses or cavities, as well as bruxism or teeth grinding which some kids experience. We also provide root canal therapy for those deep cavities and infections that need to be treated.

Dentist Pickering

How Early Should Your Child Start Visiting a Dentist?

Studies show that children as young as three may already be at risk of having cavities. This can be because of something most parents do – putting their babies to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. Aside from checking your child’s oral health for the first time, we can also help parents establish an excellent oral hygiene program and diet for their sons and daughters.

Your little one’s primary teeth has a lot to do with the long-term health of his or her permanent teeth as an adult. Decay and premature loss of primary teeth may later on cause serious problems like crooked teeth, among others. That is why it is really important that a child’s teeth are well taken care of and a good oral hygiene habit is developed early on.

Visiting a dentist early in life can help eliminate one’s fear of visiting a dental clinic. Unfortunately not every child is excited to see a dentist, even if that means a whole day out of the house! Some kids need a little nudging. Some would like to be rewarded. Others just refuse no matter what.

Sedation Dentistry
Sometimes, a child’s apprehensions are more deeply rooted that they turn into what we call dental anxiety. We understand how stressful that can be, and for that reason we let our patients know that they can share any of their concerns with us. We can always tailor a relaxation procedure that is perfect for your needs so you or your child won’t have to give in to anxiety and fear and compromise your oral health.

Some of our modern sedation techniques include the use of nitrous oxide which is administered through an inhaler, and IV sedation which can bring about a deep state of relaxation. Of course, you can choose oral sedation which allows you to take an anti-anxiety medication prior to your appointment. There is also the numbing gel or topical anaesthesia to numb your gums before an injection. The vibration technique is an additional step that could reduce discomfort that is often connected with local anaesthesia. For more complex treatments that would take longer than your usual procedures, you may be offered general anaesthesia wherein you’ll be completely unconscious through the whole treatment. For children, we can give “sleepy juice” to make them more comfortable.

Pickering Square Dental is trusted by patients not only in Scarborough but all nearby areas as well. Whether you are looking for a dentist you can call during an emergency and entrust your child’s oral health to or a professional to address your own dental concerns, Pickering Square Dental’s team of experts can definitely meet (and exceed) your expectations. So bring your little one now and let’s turn what used to be a scary dentist visit into a fun family day out with child’s good friend – the dentist!

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