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Dental Extraction Pickering

Dental Extraction Pickering

The removal of broken, abscessed or unrestorable teeth or root fragments which can be accomplished comfortably with the use of, local anaesthetic, oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or, full general anaesthetic (while asleep) depending on the needs of each individual patient.

Many teens and some adults get their wisdom teeth removed as well. However, there are several reasons why tooth extractions in Pickering might be needed in older patients.

For example, periodontal disease is caused by a sticky substance forming on your teeth called dental plaque. If left untreated, this form of gum disease can make a dental extraction in Pickering necessary.

A number of other causes include tooth infections, tooth decay and overcrowding. Some patients who get braces might even need teeth removed so there is room as the others shift into place.

Preparing for a Dental Extraction in Pickering

Before you come in for the procedure, dental x-rays are usually the first step. It’s important that you tell your dentist about any of the medications you’re currently on. It’s also important to tell them about supplements, vitamins and any over-the-counter drugs you’re taking.

Tell your dentist if you have any of these conditions:
• liver or thyroid disease.
• damaged heart valves.
• any artificial joints.
• a congenital heart defect of any kind.
• diabetes.

Here’s a few suggestions you want to consider for the day of your appointment.

People receiving intravenous anesthesia should wear loose fitting clothing and short-sleeved shirts to be comfortable. It’s best not to have anything to eat or drink for at least six hours before the appointment.

You’ll need to have someone come with you if you’re receiving general anesthesia. You won’t be able to drive home on your own. If you have a cold, the flu or don’t feel well, let your dentist know. You might need to reschedule the appointment.

The Procedure

There are two different types of procedures. You’ll either undergo a simple or surgical extraction.
With the surgical extraction, you’ll more than likely have intravenous local anesthesia. Some patients might even have general anesthesia where you will be unconscious for the whole procedure.

With a simple extraction, patients usually get a local anesthetic. That way you will feel a little pressure but no pain. The dentist uses a pair of forceps to remove the tooth during this treatment.

What Are The Risks?

There are only a few risks involved with a tooth extraction. If you suffer from severe chills and fever, you might have an infection. Bleeding that lasts over 12 hours is another red flag. Persistent redness and swelling around the surgical site are other indicators of a problem.

Tooth extractions in Pickering are generally safe and problem free. Give us a call if you suffer from any of the above-mentioned symptoms

For more information on dental extractions in Pickering, Ontario please call our family dentistry at 905-420-1777

Dental Extraction Pickering

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