5 Strategies for Making Teeth Cleaning a Fun, Interactive Experience for Children

Helping your child to enjoy the teeth cleaning experience will help them to develop the oral care habits that will protect their teeth and gums over many years. But some parents find it difficult to engage their children within the teeth cleaning process. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight 5 proven strategies for making teeth cleaning a fun and interactive experience for children.

1. Create Stories

Children thrive when their imagination is able to take control of their experiences. And so it’s important that parents use the power of the child’s imagination to ensure they brush their teeth. Parents could tell their children a story on the importance of brushing teeth. It could be a story about the sugar bugs that can make holes in their teeth or a story about a princess with a bright white smile. 

2. Use Show and Tell

Every child loves to learn. Parents can inspire their children by using a dissolving agent to show them where the plaque is on their teeth. This process will help the child to see the difference that brushing their teeth can make to the way their teeth look.

3. Bring a Favourite Stuffed Animal

It’s important to bring the child’s toys into the bathroom when teaching teeth cleaning to children. This will help them both to remember to clean and to become comfortable with the process with the stuffed animal beside them. Adults might pretend to brush the stuffed animal’s teeth to show the child there’s nothing to be afraid of during cleaning.

4. Compliment Children on their Cleaning

Encouragement is crucial in any sort of teaching process for young children. And so parents will find their children more responsive if they give them compliments for the job they’ve done. It’s important to show the child they are doing well. 

5. Use the Alphabet Song

When trying to get a child to brush their teeth for the full recommended two minutes, try to get them to hum the alphabet song as they brush. This helps focus the child on the task of singing while they continue to brush. It’s a proven learning technique used by many organizations. 

By creating an effective and enjoyable oral care experience for their children, parents can instill a sense of confidence and commitment. To learn more on the optimal strategies for success, speak with one of our experts directly.