The Benefits of Laser Technology for Gum Disease and Infection Treatments

Laser technology is quickly being adopted as a means to provide a more comfortable and faster healing experience.  But for many patients, the benefits of the procedures are largely misunderstood. Having a full understanding on the processes involved in treatment and how treatment with laser technology can benefit them in the long-term, can ensure patients select their ideal treatment option. This blog will help clear some of the confusion and explain the many treatment advantages of using lasers in resolving gum disease and infections.

Lasers Help Limit Bleeding

In many cases of gingivitis patients may notice severe bleeding from the gums and go on to have bone loss. It is extremely important to remove bacteria from the teeth and the gingival pockets (gums) around the teeth.  Lasers are now being added to traditional treatments because they have the advantage of not only removing bacteria but in fact, it killing them.  This will help in reducing the amount of bleeding and swelling and may alleviate further comprehensive treatment such as gum surgery. 

Laser Treatments Can be Optimized

Another leading benefit of laser treatments is they can be optimized for the patient. Different wavelengths and power levels can be used to treat varying levels of periodontal disease. This provides the Dentist with the ultimate control over the procedure and ensures the patient has a treatment that has been uniquely designed for their long-term requirements. This greater level of control also empowers the Dentist in crafting a treatment plan for the patient that may vary in intensity over many months. This can help ensure effective treatment while mitigating discomfort in the process.

Lasers Help Preserve Health Teeth during Cavity Removal

Due to the precise nature of laser treatments, specialists can now use the technology to preserve healthy parts of teeth during the cavity removal process. For those with particularly severe bacterial infections, saving parts of healthy teeth during the cavity treatment process can help ensure stronger outcomes in the long-term.

Lasers treatment systems are changing the way that many common dental procedures are completed. To speak with one of our specialists about the many advantages these systems can offer.