SPORTS INJURY & SPORTS GUARDS: Recommended Jaw and Teeth Protection Measures When Playing Sports

Playing sports such as football and hockey is a leading cause of injury for Canadians. It’s important to understand how simple preventive measures can help to protect your teeth and jaw and ensure safety while playing your favourite sports.  Within this blog, we’ll highlight several measures to protect your teeth and jaw during sports play.

Wear Custom Designed Mouth Guards

Custom-made mouth guards created by a dental professional can help keep your teeth and jaw secure when playing sports. The latest data shows that an athlete is 60 times more likely to sustain damage to their teeth when not wearing a protective mouth guard. It has also been estimated that mouth guards aid in preventing over 200,000 injuries each year including concussions. The leading advantages of custom made mouth guards is their comfort and customized and precision fit.  They will help protect your mouth and jaw without detracting from the sporting experience as well as aiding in preventing concussions.

Select an Effective Helmet

The latest helmet products have been designed to protect you from serious head injury during contact sports such as football and hockey. The helmet can absorb the blow of an impact and ensure your jaw, teeth and spine don’t take the brunt of the force. But it’s important to select an effective helmet for your head size. Speak with a local sports specialist in your area to discuss helmet sizing and the factors behind effective helmet performance.

Stop Play Immediately If an Issue Arises

One of the leading causes of the most serious head injuries during sports is when a player doesn’t exit the field or ice when they’re injured. Many try to play on after suffering a severe blow to the head. But it’s important to remove yourself from play until you regain your composure and have been cleared to return to play.  If you experience any dizziness or loss of vision, it’s imperative to speak with a medical professional as soon as possible who can help ensure you haven’t suffered a concussion or another serious head injury.

By taking precautions during play and preparing yourself with the leading properly fitting equipment for the next game, you can protect your jaw and teeth over the long-term. Speak with one of our in-house experts directly to learn more about customized mouth guard options.