ROOT CANAL: Three Important Factors behind Effective Root Canal Therapy

For those patients with an infection in the root of their tooth, root canal therapy might be the only viable course of treatment in order to save your tooth.  It offers the optimal chance for successful treatment of the tooth in the long-term. In this blog, we’ll analyze the three important factors behind effective root canal therapy.  

1. Timing of Root Canal

It’s essential that a root canal is completed the moment that any infection is discovered within the tooth. Timing is a critical factor in this form of treatment. Dentists that find an infection within the tooth are often able to complete the treatment effectively with the patient suffering fewer side-effects. This means patients must visit their local dentist immediately if they experience any lasting tooth and gum sensitivity. Prompt diagnosis can help ensure a short limited treatment period and a better outcome.

2 Effective Placement of the Crown

One of the leading causes of failure within root canal therapy treatment is the improper time placement of the crown. After a root canal has been completed, the interior of the tooth often becomes brittle and weak. That’s because the pulp within the tooth is removed, leaving the interior exposed to pressure. Most professionals will advise that the placement of a crown is completed in the weeks after a root canal therapy. The timing of crown placement is important, as patients that wait too long to undergo the crown procedure might suffer a fractured tooth in the meantime.

3. The Type of Tooth

Another important factor that can impact the success and the complexity of the procedure is the tooth on which the root canal therapy is performed.  Our team of skilled and caring Dentists performs root canal therapy treatments routinely.  Whether you’ve had an accident, fractured a tooth or the tooth has become infected and requires a root canal we’re always here to provide preventative treatment to restore your teeth.  

Successful root canal therapy can help patients maintain their teeth and achieve comfort over many years. Speak with one of our trusted team members directly to learn more about the factors affecting root canal therapy success.