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Holiday Time Safety: Tooth Friendly Desserts That Will STILL Make the Holiday Season Sweet

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It’s getting closer to that time of the year when families come together to celebrate the holiday season. While spending time with loved ones, it’s important to consider the types of foods you’re consuming and their effect on your teeth. Sugary treats are a staple of the holiday season and both children and adults can benefit in the long-term by using this time to change their eating habits and discover healthy treats. By choosing some of the following options, you can protect your teeth for the many exciting holiday seasons to come.

Specialty Cheeses

Selecting a collection of cheese for a holiday snack is a great way to protect teeth while ensuring all guests enjoy delicious treat. Cheese actually works to protect enamel against erosion caused by coffee, soda and sugary snacks. This means that, in addition to being healthier for you than that chocolate cake, cheese snacks also actively work to prevent many future dental health challenges.

Apple Crisp

Apple crisp is a widely popular dessert that can become a key part of a tooth-health focused holiday meal plan. By using calcium rich walnuts as a topping, and only adding small amounts of a mild sweetener such as maple syrup, this healthy desert can be made to protect against enamel erosion. Adding raisins or cranberries is a great way to add texture to the apple crisp without sacrificing oral health. But remember to brush immediately after eating to remove sticky raisins, cranberries and sugars from your teeth.

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding, when it’s made with natural ingredients in the home can be a delicious and healthy alternative to sugar-laden ice-cream.  Not only does it have fewer calories than most other dairy-based treats, it is also low in cholesterol and an exceptional source of calcium. It’s important to limit the amount of sugar used in the rice pudding to maximize the dessert’s benefits. One idea is replacing the required sugar with cinnamon can ensure the desired taste while limiting potential tooth erosion.

By committing to an oral-health focused diet this coming holiday season, you can set a great example to family members and showcase your own cooking creativity!  To learn more on maintaining effective oral health during the upcoming holiday, speak with a member of our Team at Pickering Square Dental.

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