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Give the Gift of Whitening this Holiday Season

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For those who are looking for that standout gift for a loved one this holiday season, the team at Pickering Square Dental is now offering on the latest whitening services. With whitening treatments now evolving at rapid pace and the results achieved through our work setting the standards within the local market, the clinic’s services are the ideal choice for a broad range of dental patients. Here, we’ll showcase the benefits of gifting teeth whitening services this holiday season.


Whitening Can Now be completed in One Treatment


In previous years, many patients have been put off the idea of whitening due to the time that the treatment might take from their day-to-day schedule. But with the latest innovations in the dental field, patients can now experience transformative results in as little as one treatment. This also means that the cost of whitening has been reduced significantly. This makes the service more accessible as a gift between friends and family members and means that the recipient isn’t inconvenienced when completing their whitening treatment.


Whitening Can Now Provide Lasting Results


Until recently, whitening patients had to return to the dental office regularly to have their teeth re-whitened. But the latest services, such as the Pola whitening procedure offered through Pickering Square Dental, can help patients achieve effective whitening results over many years. This helps provide gift-givers full value for their investment and ensures that the gift recipient receives the benefit of having a white, bright and brilliant smile for many important social events in the years to come.


Limited Side-Effects


The latest whitening procedures are exceptionally well-researched and comprehensively tested. This means that dental professionals can now ensure limited or no side-effectives during their whitening treatment. The most common side-effective suffered by patients during the procedure is tooth sensitivity. But this sensitivity subsides minutes after the treatment has been completed.


It’s a safe, effective treatment that can help gift recipients boost their self-confidence over the holiday season. To learn more about our whitening services offered, as well as the latest gift certificates available through Pickering Square Dental, please contact our offices directly today!

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