Winterizing Your Sensitive Teeth

Winter is hard on everything – your car, your home, and your willingness to be outside – and it can also be hard on your teeth.  Sensitive teeth really act up when the air is chilly making food or drink that is hot or cold very uncomfortable to ingest.  It can be caused by a number of factors, though in most minor cases it’s worn enamel, or gum recession and there are ways to mitigate the sensitivity and save yourself some discomfort.

Change Up Your Brushing

One of the best first steps in combating teeth sensitivity is switching to a toothpaste that’s made for sensitive teeth.  When tooth enamel becomes eroded it exposes a more vulnerable layer underneath that these special toothpastes can desensitize.  If you use a hard or medium toothbrush you’ll want to switch to soft since just by trying to get your teeth clean you could be wearing down the enamel yourself.  A softer toothbrush will also help with minimizing gum recession as well.

Strengthen Your Enamel

There are other ways to strengthen enamel.  Avoiding sugary or acidic food and drinks is a great place to start as is eating leafy vegetables, dairy, and protein.  Mouthwash can also help as can chewing sugar free gum containing xylitol.  If necessary you can add a remineralizing gel to your hygiene regimen which can rebuild tooth enamel effectively.

Professional Measures

If eroded enamel is not the issue you will likely need to see a professional as other factors that may cause sensitive teeth are tooth decay, irritated gums, or an exposed root.  Action may need to be taken to attack the underlying problem before it escalates into something worse than simple issues with sensitivity.  If you suspect your sensitivity is caused by one of these other factors or is accompanied by pain, call Pickering Square Dental right away.

Sensitive teeth is one of those issues that are not usually harmful but can cause issues with quality of life so it’s best to have it take care of, preferably before the winter is over.  If you or your family are looking for great dentistry contact us at Pickering Square Dental today.