Whitening Treatments: Natural Ways To Brighten Your Smile

Do you rely on your smile? Most of us do. It requires quite a few muscles in our face to smile, and it’s one of the most genuine expressions that we use. It’s a way for us to express a positive feeling, and it’s no surprise that happiness can be contagious! If you find that your teeth aren’t at their whitest, it can unfortunately have an impact on your confidence. After all, smiling is a significant way to express our mood to others. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best ways that you can naturally brighten your smile.

Whitening Treatments: Natural Ways To Brighten Your Smile

-Eat more strawberries! The malic acid that’s contained in this fruit can help oxidize stains that are on your teeth. Our parents were right when they encouraged us to eat more fruits!

-On occasion, some baking soda can help polish your teeth. Experts recommend that you refrain from using baking soda on a regular basis, since it can damage your enamel if abused. A great way to use baking soda to help whiten your teeth is to take half a tea spoon of it, and mix it with a crushed strawberry. Smear this solution on your teeth and leave it on for approximately five minutes. Just like that, you can have healthier-looking teeth!

-Sip your drink with a straw. This can prevent your beverage from staining your teeth.

Another option that can help you brighten your teeth effectively is using a whitening gel, such as Pola Office+. Each treatment takes roughly 30 minutes (for both day and night formulas,) and takes about 5-14 days to show results. Best of all, it effectively combats stained teeth!

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