How Not to Let Holiday Spirits Lead to Dental Cavities

Happy family in the room with the Christmas tree.The family is enjoying in the holidays.They are celebrating their first Christmas together.

Christmas is the time where everyone celebrates the birth of Christ. We celebrate love and everything that’s good. It’s when we spend time with family and friends and usually, we do that over festive dinners and fun parties.

But even though the holidays are all about festivities, we should not neglect our oral health. Now more than ever, we should recognize the importance of preventing caries. After all, it is during the holidays when we double or even triple the amount of sugary foods and beverages that we consume.

Make sure you maintain good oral health during the holidays with these tips:

  1. Use a straw when drinking sugary beverages like pop, punch, and more. You can limit the exposure of your teeth to sugar by using a straw. See, when you sip out of a glass or a bottle directly, the liquid lingers in the mouth and coats your teeth. When you use a straw the liquid is directed away from your teeth, so it’s less damaging to your teeth.
  2. If you must indulge in something sweet, go for dark chocolate. Tannin in cocoa can help reduce plaque growth. Dark chocolate contains less sugar than other kinds of chocolate and it is also the least processed variety. Take note, however, that you should still not overindulge. It’s still best to eat dark chocolates in moderation!
  3. Reduce the number of times you eat sweets. Did you know that a big slice of cake throughout the day is even more harmful than eating it in just one sitting? According to studies, tooth decay has more to do with the frequency of eating rather than the amount of sugar itself, meaning how often you eat has more weight than how much you eat. If you have Christmas treats to enjoy it’s best to do so directly after each meal. Snacking throughout the day will expose your teeth to acid (produced when bacteria come in contact with sugar) constantly.
  4. Brush your teeth twice a day and don’t forget to floss. To lessen the amount of plaque on your teeth, you need to brush at least twice daily, ideally in the morning and before you go to bed at night. It is also important that you floss, especially during the holidays, to remove all the debris stuck in between your teeth. Skipping this step can greatly affect your oral health in the long run.

See? You don’t have to completely say no to that scrumptious fruit cake or those candy canes. As long as you take the necessary steps to remove sugar and thoroughly clean your teeth, you can still enjoy those holiday sweets! To make sure that your teeth are not compromised by the treats you eat, you can always visit Pickering Square Dental to have your teeth professionally cleaned, too!

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