Keeping Teeth Safe in Spring

Winter has gone and spring is here – finally! Have you already planned your activities for this season?  There are many things to choose from, really. Getting back outdoors is tops on our list!  You can enjoy hiking with your friends, or go fishing with your family; you can even spend time with your loved one at a cottage, just enjoying the beauty of nature.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get the most out of it, but don’t forget that your safety and overall health should still be your priority! If you are planning on having some fun under the sun, be sure to always be prepared for whatever dental emergency you might encounter.


Picnics and Get-togethers

Outdoor activities usually involve picnics and having a beer or two with friends. Make sure you bring a bottle opener so that you (or one of your friends) won’t have to use your teeth in desperate times. Just in case this can’t be avoided and one of your friends chips a tooth in the process, don’t worry! Be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water as soon as possible. No bacteria should be present in the affected area to reduce the risk of any infection. For swelling that might appear in a few minutes, use a cold compress and apply pressure on the affected area.


Spring Sports

If your idea of fun is playing sports with your buddies, then be sure to wear the proper protective gear. For physical sports, it is best to protect your mouth using a mouth guard. This protects teeth from being knocked out, broken or chipped, and is definitely a good way to avoid a potential concussion. Before you go out and play, equip yourself with this first.


One of the most famous activities in spring is hiking. Most people enjoy going up trails during this time because the air is somewhat cool and warm at the same time. However, trips and slips are also common during these times. The soil tends to be soft and muddy – slippery. In a case of a knocked out tooth during a climb, use a cold substance and apply it to the affected area – cold compress will do. If bleeding occurs, bite on a wet towel with pressure.  It’s important to hold on to the tooth as you need to show that to your dentist. Some teeth have the chance to be re-implanted!