Are Your Teeth Ready for Halloween Candies?

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Your kids are probably excited about Halloween, what with their great costume, and an even greater selection of Halloween treats they can get when they go Trick or Treating. Of course, you want your child to enjoy! But you do not want as a toothache to affect their memory of this year’s Halloween?


Keep your children’s teeth safe from scary cavities this season by considering these tips:


Shoo Chewy Candies!

There are candies like caramels, gummies, and taffies that just find their way into the grooves and pits of your kids’ teeth where they stay stuck for a while. These sticky candies get stuck on your teeth and their saliva just can’t wash them away. If a toothbrush is not handy, at least make them drink a glass or a bottle of water to swish away some of the sugars.


Eat Now, Treat Later

Never let your child out on an empty stomach, and make sure they have a nutritious meal. When you chew during a meal, it stimulates your saliva which has protective enzymes that can protect teeth against cavities. On top of that, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing that with that full tummy, your child would probably have a smaller room for sweets!


Give Away Good Treats

As a parent, you hope your kid would get some teeth-friendly treats when he or she goes Trick or Treating. If that’s the case, then there is no reason for you not to give away those kinds of candies, right? Be the “responsible parent” in your street who hands out sugar-free hard candies, lollipops, and gums. It won’t hurt to throw in a little reminder to brush teeth when you give those treats out.


Remember Your Routine

The fact that it is Halloween and your child is tired from Trick or Treating should not keep you from enforcing your usual oral routine at home. If anything, now is the time to spend an extra minute or two when you brush your teeth. Do not forget to floss as this can greatly help in removing sugars that your toothbrush missed.


Halloween is a fun holiday that should never be ruined by a terrible toothache. Make sure you let your child know of his or her limitations and responsibilities. Set a limit on the number of candies allowed in a day, and make sure that those tiny teeth are brushed, flossed, and rinsed well before bed time!




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