Are Floss Picks Just as Good As Standard Flossing?

Dental floss has long been an important ally in keeping teeth healthy since its invention in the 19th century, but just as we’re now all aware of the effectiveness of flossing at preventing plaque and gum disease, we’re just as aware of how annoying it can be to use.  While there are certainly some among us with the skill to take a piece of floss and wrap it around and between each tooth like an expert, there are many others who just never could get it right, got frustrated, and ended up back at the dentist being told yet again that they needed to floss more. 

Floss picks are a relatively newer invention, having grown in popularity since their introduction in the 1980s, and are designed to overcome the difficulty of use of regular floss.  More expensive than dental floss, floss picks come in a pack and are made of a plastic body with floss angled either in a ‘U’ or an ‘F’.  Its usage is simple – just slip the floss section between your teeth and use as though it were normal floss held between fingers. 

Okay, so floss picks are easier, but are they just as effective as regular flossing?  For the most part the answer is yes.  Studies have shown that floss picks are ‘at least as good’ as regular floss for removing plaque.  Cleaning the area between your teeth, regardless of method, is a positive thing for your dental health.  Some dentists do believe that regular flossing is better at reaching areas floss picks might not be able to, but all agree that floss picks are far superior to not flossing at all.

If you have always wanted to floss more often, but just haven’t been able to muster the skill or the patience, floss picks might be right for you.  If you haven’t been flossing as much as you should, and you need to see someone regarding care for your teeth or gums, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help!