An Introduction to the Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an artificial root structure produced using titanium metal. They can be inserted into the jawbone to replace natural teeth and have become immensely popular among the population for both the comfort and the aesthetic value they provide.  Our Team of experts have great experience integrating dental implants for our patients. And within this blog, we’ll provide further insights on the lasting benefits provided by dental implant treatment.

1. A Long-Term Solution

Unlike dental bridges, dental implants can last a lifetime when maintained properly. This not only assures wearers of long-term comfort but also of the value for their dental investment.

2. Retain Natural Facial Structure

Because dental implants are designed to help imitate a patient’s natural teeth, they can help each individual retain the natural structure of their mouth and cheeks. This ensures a vibrant appeal that helps the patient maintain their confidence.

3. The Next Best Thing after Natural Teeth

Each element of the construction of dental implants is refined to ensure the closest possible alternative to natural teeth. From the structure of the dental implant to its shape and colour, patients will see how seamlessly the dental implant fits within their mouth. It’s one of the leading advantages compared with other options that may cause bone deterioration and may interfere with actions such as smiling and speaking.

4. A Track Record of Reliability

Because of the research, and the proven track record that dental implants offer, patients can be rest assured that their implant will be expertly integrated.  Patients experience few problems and have great long-term outcomes as a result of their implant treatments replacing their missing teeth.    

5. Less Impact on Other Teeth

Tooth supported bridge work may require the dentist to remove or replace other healthy teeth to complete the treatment process. However, dental implant treatment does not require the removal of nearby teeth to support the implant. This means that patients retain more of their teeth and the recovery time from dental implant treatment is reduced in comparison to other forms of restorative dentistry.

It’s a treatment option that is becoming a viable solution for a range of patients. To discover more on the benefits of dental implants, speak with a member of our Team at Pickering Square DEntal at our office today!