Advancements in Dental Technology

Dentistry has always had its eye on technology for any edge in forwarding care for teeth and gums.  Even older inventions like braces, crowns, and false teeth have seen continual updating in materials, techniques and design resulting in the more effective and elegant versions we have today.  Within the last couple of decades however significant advancements have occurred that have continued the forward march of dental health.


The word ‘laser’ always feels vaguely futuristic for people of a certain age but the technology is well-proven at this point.  Dental laser treatment is used in a number of ways, from the removal of inflamed gum tissues to easy preparation of cavities for filling.  Laser dentistry has little pain or to no pain, virtually no bleeding, and dramatically less swelling than previous methods.   


Implants can now be used to fully replace a tooth in a way that allows it to fit naturally and with as much strength as a natural tooth.  Using a titanium implant in the jaw a tooth will be anchored to it.  Once inserted an implant is cleaned exactly the same way your regular teeth are.  You can think of it as a bionic tooth!


The latest breakthrough takes a wide range of new technology and puts it to work for your teeth.  Older full and partial crowns would require measurement and custom creation by an outside facility – but CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) allows the entire process to be completed in the dentist’s office in a single sitting.  A high tech 3D scanner is used to get to capture three dimensional views of the affected area – this is then transferred to a computer that creates an appropriate model of the necessary crown.   Using the latest in 3D printing equipment the installation is built from ceramic on-the spot, enabling a perfectly fitting crown in less than sixty minutes.  From days to less than an hour – technology has come a long way indeed.

Dental technology moves ever forward and Pickering Square Dental continues to keep up with the advances in dentistry.  If you need to have these advancements put to work on your teeth, including CEREC, contact us today.