5 Common Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

It can happen at a moment’s notice. That sudden pang of pain due to sensitive teeth is an experience with which we’re too all familiar. It’s one of the reasons why so many people are now seeking out treatments for this common problem. Within this blog, we’ll review five treatments for sensitive teeth.

1. Desensitizing Toothpaste

While desensitizing toothpastes are more often associated with simply offering a more comfortable brushing experience, they can also help desensitize teeth over time. They can to block the pain that some people suffer due to their sensitive teeth.

2. Root Canal Treatments

In cases where a dentist has tried other treatments unsuccessfully, they may recommend a root canal to treat problems within the tooth’s dental pulp. These problems are often the cause of sensitive teeth and can be effectively resolved through the use of root canal treatment.

3. Receding Gum Treatment

In cases where the gum has receded and the root has been exposed, a person will likely suffer significant pain each time anything comes into contact with the root. Dentists are often able to restore receding gums with treatments such as gum grafts. This is a treatment option that has helped hundreds to minimize the pain of their sensitive teeth and to restore full gum and teeth functionality over the long-term.

4. Bonding Agents

Dentists will often use bonding agents as way to protect patients from the continual pain of sensitive teeth. Bonding agents work by sealing the dentin surface against potential stimuli that can impact the nerves. This ensures the dentin is protected and the potential for the throbbing pain events associated with sensitive teeth is minimized.

5. Fluoride Varnish

Many dentists will be able to provide patients with fluoride varnish treatments to reduce the pain from sensitive teeth. These treatments work by helping to strengthen the enamel around the tooth and by helping build the dentin to ensure optimal strength.

Millions of Canadians suffer from sensitive teeth. But with the latest treatment options available, it’s a problem that is slowly being eradicated among the general population. To discuss your potential sensitive teeth treatment options with a specialist, contact our expert team directly today!


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