Why We Love Brushing Our Teeth (and You Should, too!)

family brushing teeth

Some people think that brushing one’s teeth is just to keep our breaths smelling good and our teeth pearly white. There must be something more than just those two reasons since brushing our teeth had been important since we were kids. Despite how long you’ve known that it is essential, you still tend to forget to brush your teeth as often as you should. Let’s be reminded on why it’s important that we brush our teeth:



Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath is not necessarily the lack of oral hygiene – it can actually be caused by other existing health problems. However, its common cause would be poor dental hygiene. 

Prevents Loss of Teeth

For babies, tooth loss is a normal thing. However, it is definitely not a normal thing for adults. For adults, tooth loss might be due to an injury, gum disease or, tooth decay. This might be a bit frustrating for adults, especially in social gatherings.

Prevents Cavities

Cavities are permanent damage that comes in the form of tiny holes in the teeth – more so found on the hard surface.  These holes, known as decay are breached by acids from certain sugary foods and liquids. When this happens, it can and sometimes causes pain or tooth sensitivity.

Prevents Gingivitis

When a person fails to brush or floss his or her teeth adequately, plaque forms and tends to stay on the gums and the teeth – this is how gingivitis develops.  It’s a form of gum disease that creeps beneath one’s gum line and it separates the teeth from the gums.