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5 Tips for Getting Your Reluctant Kids to the Dentist

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to the dentist? Well, you are certainly not alone. It is actually very common for children to experience a fear of visiting the dentist. Our Top 5 Tips to Help Your Child Through a Dental Visit While fear of dentists can spring up for many reasons, science has found that a child’s fear is often a result of a p ...

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Helping your Children Overcome Any Fear of the Dentist

Whether it’s the sometimes negative portrayal of dentistry in pop culture, or the apprehension that comes with a medical examination of any type, or an understandable nervousness at the unusual sensations unique to a trip to the dentist, dental anxiety is not completely an uncommon issue in children.  It’s very important for fear of the de ...

Category: Children, Dentistry, Oral Health