Taking the Fear Out of a Dental Visit – 5 Tips for An Easy Appointment

Did you know that an estimated 40% of Canadians have a fear of visiting the dentist?

Despite many impressive technological advances that make most types of dental work a breeze compared to what they once were, dental anxiety is still a very common occurrence. This is primarily because fear is a psychological phenomenon, but one that still feels very real, nonetheless.

In addition, there are numerous variations of fear that people can experience when it comes to a visit to the dentist. Some people may have a fear of needles, some may dislike drills and other dental tools, and some might be self-conscious about their oral health and hygiene.

Our Top 5 Tips to Make Your Dental Visit Easier

The good news is that it is totally possible to overcome your dental anxiety and walk into your dentist office with confidence.

Here’s how:

1. Be Honest and Straightforward About Your Fears

If you are afraid of needles, drills, or anything else, be sure to let your dental professional know so that they can numb the area and make the experience less stressful for you.

Also, if you would like an anti-anxiety pill, be sure to ask if this is possible in advance of your appointment.

2. Bring Along a Friend

If you’re nervous about visiting your dentist, ask a friend or relative to join you. You will be surprised at how much just having somebody to talk to and support you will lessen the stress of the experience.

3. Talk to Your Dentist or Dental Hygienist Before Your Appointment

When you let your dental professional know about any fears or anxieties before your appointment, they can inform you about what to expect during the experience.

Many patients later report that their fear was much worse than the actual visit. By managing expectations in a realistic way, you will prevent your mind from running away with you and creating any unnecessary stress.

4. Arrive Early the Day of Your Appointment

When you are distressed, feeling rushed will only serve to compound that feeling.

Arriving early for your appointment and giving yourself some time to sit down with a magazine, book, or even your headphones as you wait will help stop the flow of adrenaline, automatically sooth your system, and help you feel relaxed and prepared.

5. Prioritize Your Oral Hygiene

By educating yourself on good oral hygiene and making it a priority to follow through, you are much more likely to have a pleasant and positive dental experience, and you’ll realize that your fears are unfounded.

We Are Committed to Your Oral and Emotional Health

At Pickering Square Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a truly nerve-wracking experience. That is where we go out of our way to provide exceptional service, quality, and professionalism so that you will have renewed faith in dental professionals.

We believe that education is the key to a better dental experience for everyone. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at 905.420.1777 today!

How to Teach Your Child about Dental Care

Making sure children are prepared with the right knowledge to take them through the rest of their life is the one of the pillars of parenting.  Knowledge of dental care and oral hygiene is an important part of that.  Sure, kids may get a brand new set of teeth pretty early on, but good habits ingrained young carry over into adulthood.  Here are some great ways to make sure your kids know and practice proper care of their teeth and gums.

Be a Good Example

Your most important method of teaching is by providing an example.  If you brush your teeth and floss, your child will understand that’s just a part of life.  Regular trips to the dentist can bolster that too – letting them know it’s just part of the routine – and can also be beneficial in dispelling dental anxiety early.

Reinforce the Habit

Use positive reinforcement to help your child learn.  Give praise and positive feedback when your child has brushed properly for two minutes… and more so, when they’ve brushed and flossed.  Children are very responsive to this… we all want to please our parents!

Explain to Them Why it’s Important

Kids are often smarter than we expect them to be.  If you take the time to describe what can happen if they don’t take proper care they’re likely to listen.  Google some pictures of bad teeth if you think it might help – images like that can be unpleasant to look at for kids but might be instructive if compliance is becoming an issue.  How you explain it is, as always, your call as a parent.

With just a couple of these tips, teaching your child about proper oral hygiene and dental care will be easy.  Oh who are we kidding?  Raising kids is tough – but teaching them to take care of themselves is important – and this is information you know they should have, so if these tips help even a little, then they were worth reading.  If you or your child need any dental care, or are looking for a great group of family dentists, contact us here at Pickering Square Dental, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

3 Tips for Relieving Dental Anxiety

It’s a problem that impacts thousands of Canadians each year. That fear and panic before you go to the dentist is natural. But it’s a problem that can be overcome to ensure you achieve optimal dental health in the long-term. Our specialists have many years’ experience dealing with dental care anxiety and within this blog, we’ll provide three tips to help you overcome your or, your loved ones fears and ensure exceptional oral health over the long-term.

1. Visit the Dentist Office with a Loved One

If it’s been a while since visiting the Dentist, sometimes having a loved one by your side can be really beneficial!  This can help you to become more relaxed as you wait for your treatment to begin. You can develop personalized coping strategies alongside your loved one to ensure there’s always someone ready and able to calm you down should anxiety begin to get the best of you at the office. This strategy will then ensure you’re more focused and relaxed, when you visit the dentist by yourself in future.

2. Avoid Caffeine in the Hours before the Dentist

Caffeine is one of the leading causes of anxiety among the general Canadian population. If you’re already nervous about an upcoming dental appointment, drinking that cup of coffee or tea in the morning may make your day even more stressful. Simply avoid coffee during the morning and try to take relaxing caffeine-free drinks such as green tea. This will help ensure you’re in the right frame of mind to take control of your anxiety as your enter the dental office.

3. Speak with our Dental Team Before the Appointment.

A large majority of the cases of anxiety are related to the unknown. Anxiety is often our mind creating the worst-case scenarios in our head.  By speaking with our Dental team ahead of your next appointment, and going over the treatments with them, you can prepare yourself mentally for the dental office experience. Not only will this help you remain calm in the days leading up to the appointment, it will also help ensure you avoid anxiety triggers at the office, as you’ll be prepared completely for a safe and effective treatment.

Consider the preceding guidelines next time you’re suffering from anxiety due to a future dental appointment. There’s no need to stress your mind and body over your dental needs.  Speak to our team directly today to learn more on how to alleviate anxiety.