Pregnancy Gingivitis – Are You at Risk?

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Pregnant women have enough on their plates what with the health of their babies and their own on their minds 24/7. Unfortunately with all that to worry about, most of the time, oral health gets overlooked or even neglected. But did you know that there are some oral concerns that may arise while you are carrying a baby, like getting pregnancy gingivitis?


Keep in Touch with Your Dentist While You are Pregnant

You are probably thinking you have an excellent excuse to skip those dental visits while you are pregnant. Surely your dentist would understand how sensitive you are, right? And didn’t your mother tell you that those dental treatments could potentially harm your baby? That old tale could not be more wrong. In fact, neglecting your teeth and gums could do your little one and you a lot of harm.


Oral Health Side Effects during Your Pregnancy

Don’t forget. Your oral health has an undeniable impact on your well-being and that of your baby’s. As you know, you have supercharged hormones while you are pregnant and that may cause your gums to swell too. Having swollen gums means you are at a higher risk of irritating or infecting them, too.


Did you know that about 40% of all pregnant women are experiencing some kind of dental health concern, including tooth decay and gum infections? If you continue visiting your dentist even during your pregnancy, tartar and plaque won’t accumulate on your teeth and your chances of developing oral health problems are minimized.


If you feel or notice that your gums are quite swollen, tender, or even bleeding while you are pregnant, immediately set an appointment with your dentist for appropriate treatment.


Oral Health Practices to Observe During Your Pregnancy

Now, more than ever, you should realize the importance of preventive dental care. (However, x-rays should be avoided when possible.) Preventive dental care will help ensure that you don’t get troubled by gingivitis and other oral health problems.


Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, can wait until after you give birth. Of course, after you deliver you can definitely give yourself the gift of a gleaming white smile!


Restorative dentistry treatments, especially if they require sedation should be approached with extra care. Make sure you discuss any necessary dental treatments with your OB/GYN before having them done. Also, ask your dentist if the treatment can wait until after you deliver. Weigh the situation with both your dentist and your physician.


Being an expectant mother is not easy. Naturally, you would always want to put the health of your baby at the top of your priorities. However, make sure that while you do that, you also take care of your teeth and gums to avoid gingivitis and other oral health concerns. If you have questions or if you suspect you have pregnancy gingivitis, contact us at Pickering Square Dental and we can discuss your concerns.

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