Wishing for a Whiter Teeth – Procedures That Can Help

Who doesn’t wish for whiter teeth? Everyone wants to have the best smile they can ever have and that means having sparkly pearly whites. One of the ways to do that is to rid the surface of your teeth of stains. Whitening toothpaste can help with this. But deeper stains may require more than just your usual whitening toothpaste.

There are certain types of whitening procedures that can be done in the dentist’s office like the ones we offer at Pickering Square Dental and there are bleaching products that you can try at home.

Will Whitening/Bleaching Work?

Generally, whitening works for yellowish teeth really well and moderately well for more brownish ones. So if your teeth have been darkened a little by constant drinking of tea or coffee, smoking, or age, you might want to consider bleaching your teeth.

However, if you have grayish teeth, bleaching may not work that well for you. It may also not be applicable if your front teeth have tooth-coloured fillings or bonding. You won’t be able to change the color of artificial materials and they might end up standing out against your whiter natural teeth.

At-Home Whitening/Bleaching

You can also inquire about dentist-supervised bleaching. For this approach, a custom made and fit whitening tray will be prepared by your dentist or hygienist. A bleaching gel will be placed in the bleaching tray and you’ll wear the tray as instructed. Your dentist might suggest that you wear it overnight for a span of a week or two.

In-Office Whitening/Bleaching

If you prefer faster results, you can always opt to have your teeth professionally bleached by your dentist. You can visit Pickering Square Dental to have this done. It may take anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Depending on how much whitening your teeth requires.

If you want to know more about our teeth whitening procedure or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with us, simply give Pickering Square Dental a call!



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