Toronto Maple Leafs: Dr. Lean’s Involvement

When on the lookout for a new dentist for yourself and your kids, you want to be sure that you find one that you know you can trust and be comfortable with.  After all, your family’s dental health is not something you can entrust to just anybody.  Little kids, especially, can be challenging as they are often anxious about going to the dentist and introducing them to a new one can be disastrous. It’s not like you’re taking them to meet their favourite hockey player, right? 

Well, we’ve got the next best thing. How about taking them to the dentist of their favourite hockey stars? Yes, that’s right. You can now tell your child that you’re going to take them to the man who takes care of all the players of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  That’s sure to get the attention of any Canadian kid!

Dr. Marvin Lean’s Services for the Toronto Maple Leafs

As the Toronto Maple Leafs’ official dentists, Dr. Marvin Lean and his partner provide these highly-admired hockey players with thorough dental services, just like they do with every single one of their patients.  That means that choosing Pickering Square Dental means that you’re getting the best dental services available.

What do Dr. Lean and his partner do for the team? Since 2005, they have been attending the Toronto Maple Leaf’s training camp to perform meticulous dental assessments on every single member of the team. Aside from that, Dr. Lean and his partner customize durable yet comfortable sports mouth guards for every player to make sure that their teeth are protected when they are playing our favourite sport.

Whenever there are home games held at the Air Canada Center, Dr. Marvin Lean and his partner are always present to ensure that all the players, including those from the visiting teams, are provided with professional dental assistance when needed. Can you imagine how many respected athletes rely on Dr. Lean and his partner to take care of their teeth?

You Can Receive the Same Quality of Dental Care

If you are looking for a truly professional dentist, you need not look anywhere else! Pickering Square Dental has been providing top-notch dental care services for more than 25 years. We welcome patients of all ages, from the littlest toddlers to beloved seniors who are looking for a family dental location that is comfortable. Our dental experts and staff will ensure that you are relaxed while you have your dental treatment.  Check out our amazing services now!


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