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It Does Not Hurt, So Why Worry?

On occasion a patient may come into our office just for a routine check-up and get surprised when we tell them that they would need a treatment like a filling, a crown, or a root canal. Why are they surprised? It’s because they haven’t even felt any pain. They often question the need for the recommended treatment because they feel fine. Well, the answ ...

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Cavities: Myths and Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Everybody, young or old, is afraid of dental cavities or what we commonly call tooth decay. Hundreds of years ago, ancient folks used to believe that worms are responsible for one’s toothaches. They are said to be boring their way into teeth. If a tooth was aching, then that only meant the worm is wiggling.   Now we all know that that particular ...

Category: Dental Emergencies, Dental Treatments, Dentistry