Should I Brush My Teeth With Coconut Oil?

Using coconut oil as a way to improve oral health is a new trend within dentistry that has developed over recent months. Professionals from across the dental care community are now discussing the many benefits of coconut oil. We thought it was important to outline the benefits the coconut oil can bring to your daily brushing routine. So in this blog, we’ll focus on coconut oil and its oral health advantages.

Contains No Harmful Chemicals

Across the consumer marketplace, there has been an uptick in concern about the chemicals in the products used on a daily basis. Some have found that conventional toothpastes contain a chemical called triclosan, which in studies has been linked with antibiotic resistance. Coconut oil contains no harmful chemicals and is a completely natural product.


With many people now concerned about the cost of dental treatment and of the toothpastes they purchase on a regular basis, it’s important to find low cost oral care products. Coconut oil is inexpensive and can be found at low pricing at many stores within our local community.

Whitens Teeth

Using coconut oil as part of a daily oral care regimen isn’t just recommend for health reasons; it can also improve the aesthetics of teeth as well. Patients have reported that they’ve experienced significantly whiter teeth almost instantly after use. Within two weeks, many have found that coconut oil can produce the same or better whitening results as conventional whitening strips.


Eliminates Bacteria

In addition to using oil to brush their teeth, patients can significantly improve their overall health by swishing coconut oil in their mouths for a few minutes per day. Oil pulling (the process of swishing with oil and pulling bacteria from the teeth) can help remove toxins and other elements from the mouth. This has numerous additional benefits. For example, it has been shown that the process can improve bad breath. It can also help prevent bacterial infections that can often impact all areas of the body over time.
Begin investigating the benefits coconut oil can bring to your oral health regimen. You may find an affordable and healthy alternative to current oral care products! To learn more on the subject, contact our office team directly.


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