Why We Need to Address Your Child’s Cavities

Even if children have teeth that they will eventually lose, you still have to make sure that those teeth will survive until your kids’ adult teeth push them out of the gums. Having their teeth intact until that time will help ensure that there will be enough room for the adult teeth and that they will grow in correctly.

That is why if there are any signs of cavities in your child’s teeth, they should be immediately addressed!

Oral hygiene is important from the time that those tiny teeth come in. That is why you should start teaching your toddler how she can take care of her teeth.

Unfortunately, there are instances when despite your efforts to keep your young one’s teeth healthy, he or she will still end up with cavities. What should you do then? How will the cavities be addressed?

Fillings for Baby Teeth

To preserve your child’s baby teeth, the cavities could be drilled out and the teeth can be filled or crowned. The goal is to save the teeth and avoid extraction. Like we mentioned above, those baby teeth help usher the adult teeth properly so losing them before they’re ready to come out is not going to be good for your child’s permanent teeth.  Just like with adult teeth, fillings may be required for baby (primary or, first set of teeth) which is a measure taken when necessary to retain the tooth for as long as possible.   

The treatment for tooth decay includes drilling the decay from the baby tooth as needed. Now, depending on the severity of the problem (how much damage was caused by the cavity) the tooth can be filled or a crown will be created for it.

Decay Can Possibly Recur

Tooth decay can be a recurring issue, even though your child’s dentist works hard to get all the decay out. That’s why it’s really important that your child establishes good oral hygiene. When decay comes back, the filling will be removed so the new decay will be removed. The tooth will be re-filled or crowned after.

Extraction is the Last Option

While preserving baby teeth is the goal, sometimes the dentist will have no other choice but perform an extraction. This is when the decay is so advanced that it’s causing pain or gum problems. The gap where the extracted baby tooth used to be may be filled with a prosthetic to keep the correct space for the adult tooth.

It’s normal to feel anxious about getting your child’s teeth filled, but really, there is nothing to worry about. We at Pickering Square Dental will put you at ease. You can trust that we will come up with the perfect treatment plan for your child. Remember that as a parent, you should teach your child about proper oral hygiene and schedule regular teeth cleanings to avoid tooth decay!


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