Fun Tips to Teach Proper Dental Hygiene to Your Kids

Getting your child to start and follow a dental routine is no easy feat. Children just do not understand hygiene responsibility like adults do. Kids have to be reminded all the time when it is time to brush their teeth and on top of that, why they should actually do it.


If you are worried about your little one’s oral health, then you should offer some help to him or her. Employing the right techniques can achieve great results in an even fun way! Here are some great ways to convince your kids to care for their teeth.


  1. Brush teeth with your little one.

Experts say that kids should start learning to brush their teeth (with parent’s supervision and assistance) from the age of two. Having good dental hygiene at this early age can help prevent cavities, plaque, and other dental issues later on in life.


Brush your teeth side by side with your child as he or she brushes teeth too. This way, you can show your little one some good brushing techniques. When you brush properly, they will also learn to brush their teeth the right way.


  1. Look for tooth-related stories and read to them at night.

Instead of your usual fairy tale, look for some books that is about teeth to read to your child. Storytelling is a fun way to let your little one know how important it is to care for his or her teeth properly.


The Tooth Fairy, for example, can help your child feel less anxious about losing teeth.


  1. Let your little one have a pick of his or her own toothbrush.

Your child’s toothbrush is his or her personal belonging. Allowing your child to choose a toothbrush every three months is a great way to introduce them the proper custom of changing toothbrushes regularly. Changing brushes maintains the brush cleaning ability while ensuring that bacteria do not accumulate either.


For toothpaste, let your child have a pick from kid-friendly ones that are not too harsh or minty.



  1. Incorporate a song or dance routine while brushing.

Every little kid loves dancing and singing, and incorporating music in your routine turns a boring task into a fun and exciting activity that he or she will look forward to. Be as silly as possible!


It may also be a fun idea to take turns humming songs that the other would guess!



  1. Create a reward system

Have a chart with a record of your child’s oral health routine achievements. You can give incentives for reaching certain milestones. Make sure that you include all the important oral care must-dos like brushing, flossing, cleaning their tongue, and rinsing.


We hope these fun methods will help your child learn the importance of dental hygiene while enjoying the routine, too. Allow them to develop a sense of responsibility and encourage them with enthusiasm all the time!




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