DRY MOUTH AND LIPS: Tips for Prevention and its Complications during Wintertime

Winter brings with it its own set of skin care issues. For those with dry skin, the scourge of dry mouth and dry lips can prevent even the most wonderful winter day from being enjoyed. The painful cracking and peeling of dry lips can be prevented, however! And in this blog, we’ll look at several preventative measures as well as review the complications that can arise during the wintertime.

1. Keep Your Body Hydrated

During the dry winter months, your body requires hydration to stave off dry lips. Take steps to prevent dehydration such as keeping a water bottle with you at all times. And try to eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to ensure you achieve optimal nutrition in the wintertime.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin to Remove Dry Buildup

The dry flakey skin that can occur in wintertime should be removed on a regular basis to help further ensure comfort. Use a damp cloth to gently exfoliate the skin and remove any dry patches. You might also consider a specialized lip scrub to remove the dry skin areas. However, it’s important to ensure the lip scrub is fragrance free to prevent any further skin reaction.

3. Use a Humidifier

Heated indoor air is one of the leading causes of dry skin around the lips and mouth. To combat this issue, set up a humidifier within an office space or home area where you spend the majority of your time. Setting a humidity level of 30-40% can often help prevent the occurrence of dry lips.

4. Don’t Lick Your Lips!

It’s very common for those with dry lips to try to resolve the issue by licking them. But unfortunately, this can have more of a negative than positive effect. That’s because the digestive enzymes present in the saliva can dry tissue out very quickly. And so, when the moisture evaporates, your lips can become even drier than before. The application of a specially designed moisturizer or lip balm is often a superior solution to the problem especially when routinely applied in wintertime after brushing your teeth morning and night and as required in between..

This winter, try to protect the skin on your lips by following the guidelines highlighted within this article. You’ll feel more comfortable and ready to enjoy the many activities that winter living in Canada has to offer! 


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