Dental Health Month in Focus: Three of the Most Common Dental Health Conditions Across Canada

As April is Dental Health Month across the country, we thought we’d provide a series of posts detailing the current climate of dental care in Canada. This first post looks into the three most common dental health conditions suffered across Canada. For Canadians across the country, this information could help prevent oral health issues and ensure comfort during future dentist visits.

1. Gum Disease

As a dental condition, gum disease is difficult to self-measure as it varies in severity from person-to-person. What we do know is that 70% of Canadians will suffer from gum disease at some point in their lifetimes, according to the latest data. This means that there’s still a lot of work to be completed in educating patients on the most important ways to prevent gum disease. Often brushing and flossing twice a day can offer the best defense against this pervasive problem.

2. Oral Cancer

The latest data from 2014 suggest that over 4,300 Canadians were diagnosed with the condition by their oral health specialist. While this makes the problem relatively rare compared to other conditions, it’s one of the most serious in terms of prognosis. We know that tobacco and alcohol consumption are leading risk factors for oral cancer, and Canadians can cut their cancer risks significantly by eliminating or reducing these two habits from their lifestyle. Why not make Dental Health Month your time to quit?

3. Tooth Decay

Not only is tooth decay the most prevalent dental condition in Canada, it’s also one of the most prevalent of all medical and dental conditions, only surpassed in incidence by the common cold. Tooth decay occurs when plaque combines with the sugars and starches of the food we eat. This produces acids which then attack the enamel. By working with their dentist and by committing to their oral health regimen, Canadians can protect their teeth against the many dangers of decay.

By recognizing the leading oral health conditions within our country, we can take preventive steps to resolving them and ensuring effective treatment for the long-term. To learn more, speak with one of our experts directly today! 


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