Benefits of Deep Dental Cleaning

Many people are quite familiar with the twice a year professional cleanings of their teeth.  It’s considered a routine procedure done to keep patients’ teeth healthy and clean.  Some patients are fortunate to have dental coverage to their cleanings too.  However, some still neglect to have their teeth professionally cleaned.  Others have bigger issues and could definitely benefit from deep cleanings more often than twice a year.


What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planning is a procedure that is performed to prevent periodontal problems. Aside from cleaning the teeth themselves, the dentist will use probes, as well as other instruments to clean below the gum line. The area to be cleaned may be numbed using local anaesthetics, depending on the extent of the deep cleaning to be done.


Periodontal disease may occur when stains, calculus, and plaque on the root surfaces of your teeth begin to cause inflammation of your gums. If you leave it untreated, it could result in serious damage to both the soft tissues and the bones that your teeth depend on for support.  As you can expect, if neglected for too long, it can even result to tooth loss. The problem, which is usually referred to as ‘receding gums’ happen when gum tissues begin to pull away and detach from the teeth, creating periodontal pockets.


Why You Should Get a Deep Cleaning or Scaling

*To Achieve Better Oral Health: Deep cleanings should be made part of your comprehensive oral health package together with drinking enough water, proper brushing and flossing, and avoiding sugar and bad habits like smoking.

*To Prevent Diseases: Deep dental cleanings can help you avoid diseases that are caused by bacteria growth. When calculus, tartar, and plaque are thoroughly removed, infections are also easily avoided.

*To Avoid Deterioration: When your dentist removes all the disease-causing bacteria from your mouth, tooth deterioration and even tooth loss are prevented.


Scaling and root planning provides your gums with a truly healthy environment, allowing them to recover, re-adapt, and attach to normal tooth surfaces again.


Do not wait until you get gum disease before you start caring for your oral health as you should. Call Pickering Square Dental and inquire about our deep cleaning service and we’ll have you scheduled for this procedure when you are ready. Remember, there is no better time to start caring for your teeth and gums than now!


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